9 Reasons to Choose QuickBooks Integrated Payroll

Start the New Year out right and switch to QuickBooks Integrated Payroll!Intuit Payroll TSheets

As organizations develop the task of processing payroll becomes tedious, convoluted and there is more potential for mistake. Intuit QuickBooks Payroll makes payroll calculations and processing easier and more efficient. Learn 9 reasons why clients are choosing QuickBooks Payroll above other payroll services.

  1. Simplify – The number one reason customers choose Intuit payroll is because their business is expanding and processing payroll becomes difficult.
  2. Compliance – Intuit Payroll automatically updates any Federal and State tax form changes.
  3. Cost – Simple mistakes can become costly due to fines and penalties.
  4. Time – Intuit Payroll integrates with QuickBooks and automatically generates paychecks.
  5. Deadlines – Payroll processing deadlines are stress free.
  6. Expenses – Significant savings on yearly payroll expenses.
  7. Tracking – Intuit Payroll helps employees keep track of their time more consistently.
  8. Integration – Save time and keep your information secure with QuickBooks Integrated Payroll.
  9. Efficiency – Payroll should be fast, easy and accurate.

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