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SpringAhead Expense Reports

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SpringAhead Expense Reports

Simplify time and billing with SpringAhead’s online platform. Enter, approve and review expense reports online and export them directly to QuickBooks with a single click. Employee time savers include receipt uploads, fax support, employee attachment inboxes, credit card uploads and foreign currency conversion. Take advantage of the unparalleled integration Virtual Time+Expense provides to populate QuickBooks with checks, bills, credit cards transactions and journal entries based on your needs. Items, classes, jobs, subjobs and more are fully supported. SpringAhead is the ideal solution for project accounting, project billing, paperless processes and employees on the go.

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Tallie Expense Reports


Tallie is an Expense Report Software & Mobile Expense Tracking Software that allows businesses to track expenses and create expense reports.

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Book business travel from a broad selection of in-policy options. Credit card charges are automatically captured and categorized. Credit card charges, itinerary information and e-receipts automatically combine to create accurate and authenticated expense reports. Built-in workflow and audit rules allow managers to quickly and easily approve in-policy expenses. From individual details to big picture trends, get instant visibility into T&E spend business intelligence.

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TripIt®, the leading mobile travel organizer from Concur®, makes it easy for millions of travelers to organize and share their trips. Simply forward confirmation emails from anywhere you book to plans@tripit.com and TripIt “automagically” creates one simple, smart itinerary to access on a smartphone, calendar, or anywhere online. For even greater peace of mind while traveling,

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